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Trains Passing through BHAGALPUR
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
12995Bandra Terminus to Ajmer Junction Slip/Mumbai Bandra (T.) - Ajmer SF Express(BDTS-AII)Starts15:45
15097Bhagalpur to Jammu Tawi Amarnath Exp(BGP-JAT)Starts23:50
12367Bhagalpur Junction to Anand Vihar Terminal Vikramshila Express(BGP-ANVT)Starts11:15
13401Bhagalpur Junction to Danapur Bhagalpur Danapur Inter City Express(BGP-DNR)Starts05:35
13423Bhagalpur to Ajmer Junction Bgp Aii Express(BGP-AII)Starts13:05
12335Bhagalpur to Lokmanyatilak T Bgp Ltt Express(BGP-LTT)Starts09.00
19048Bhagalpur to Surat BGP SURAT EXPRESS(BGP-ST)Starts09:15
12349Bhagalpur to New Delhi Bgp Ndls Exp(BGP-NDLS)Starts17:30
22405Bhagalpur to Anand Vihar Trm Bgp Garib Rath(BGP-ANVT)Starts13:30
13419Bhagalpur Junction to Jamalpur Junction Jan Sewa Express(BGP-MFP)Starts14:05
13134Varanasi Junction to Sealdah Bsb Sdah Expres(BSB-SDAH)23:4023:55
13120Old Delhi Junction to Sealdah Delhi - Sealdah (Upper India) Express(DLI-SDAH)23:4023:55
13483Malda Town to Delhi Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI)23:3023:40
13413Malda Town to Delhi Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI)23:3023:40
13402Danapur to Bhagalpur Junction Danapur Bhagalpur Inter City Express(DNR-BGP)22:25End
12350New Delhi to Bhagalpur Ndls Bgp Expres(NDLS-BGP)20:00Ends
14056Delhi to Dibrugarh Brahmputra Mail(DLI-DBRG)19:4519:57
14004New Delhi to Malda Town NDLS MLDT EXPRESS(NDLS-MLDT)19:1019:20
19047Surat to Bhagalpur St Bhagalpur Ex(ST-BGP)19:10Ends
22947Surat to Bhagalpur ST BHAGALPUR EX(ST-BGP)19:00Ends
15647Lokmanyatilak T to Guwahati Guwahati Expres(LTT-GHY)18.3518.50
12336Lokmanyatilak T to Bhagalpur Bhagalpur Exp(LTT-BGP)18.30Ends
13424Ajmer Junction to Bhagalpur Aii Bgp Express(AII-BGP)17:30 Ends
13424Ajmer Junction to Bhagalpur Aii Bgp Express(AII-BGP)17:30Ends
13235Sahibganj to Danapur Sahibganj-Danapur InterCity Express(SBG-DNR)16:0216:07
14003Malda Town to New Delhi Nfk Ndls Expres(MLDT-NDLS)13:0013:05
12368Anand Vihar Terminal to Bhagalpur Junction Vikramshila Express(ANVT-BGP)12:25Ends
13236Danapur to Sahibganj Danapur-Sahibganj InterCity Express(DNR-SBG)11:0711:17
22406Anand Vihar Trm to Bhagalpur Anvt Bgp G Rath(ANVT-BGP)10:50Ends
15098Jammu Tawi to Bhagalpur Amarnath Exp(JAT-BGP)10:00Ends
12253Yesvantpur Junction to Bhagalpur Junction Anga SF Express(YPR-BGP)08:30Ends
15648Guwahati to Lokmanyatilak T Ghy Ltt Express(GHY-LTT)08.0008.15
14055Dibrugarh to Delhi Brahmputra Mail(DBRG-DLI)07:2507:37
13133Sealdah to Varanasi Junction Sdah Bsb Exp(SDAH-BSB)06:3606:51
13420Muzaffarpur Junction to Bhagalpur Junction Jan Sewa Express(MFP-BGP)05:55End
13071Howrah Junction to Jamalpur Junction Howrah - Jamalpur Super Express(HWH-JMP)05:4005:55
03416Anand Vihar Trm to Sahibganj Junction Anvt Sbg Special(ANVT-SBG)03:00 03:05
13484Delhi to Malda Town Farakka Express(DLI-MLDT)02:1202:22
13414Delhi to Malda Town Farkka Express(DLI-MLDT)02:1202:22
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Online food delivery in train
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