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Trains Passing through HOWRAH JN
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
00221Pune Junction to Howrah Junction Pune - Howrah AC SF Special Fare Special(PUNE-HWH)18:15Ends
02242 to (-)Starts18:30
02509Bengaluru Cantt. (Bangalore) to Kamakhya Junction Bangalore Cantt.- Kamakhya Premium Express(BNC-KYQ)18:3018:50
03061Howrah Junction to Lokmanyatilak T Hwh Ltt Special(HWH-LTT)Starts08:20
05007Ramnagr to Howrah RMR HWH SPl(RMR-HWH)7:10DESTINATION
05008Howrah Junction to Ramnagar Howrah - Ramnagar SpecialFare Special(HWH-RMR)Starts08:35
05422Alipur Duar Junction to Digha Flag Stn Apdj Dgha Special(APDJ-DGHA)07:20 07:50
12023Howrah Junction to Patna Junction Howrah-Patna Jan Shatabdi Express(HWH-PNBE)Starts14:05
12101Lokmanyatilak T to Howrah Jn JNANESWARI DELX(LTT-HWH)03.35Ends
12102Howrah Jn to Lokmanyatilak T JNANESWARISUPDL(HWH-LTT)Starts22.55
12129Pune Junction to Howrah Junction Azad Hind Express(PUNE-HWH)03:50 Ends
12130Howrah Junction to Pune Junction Azad Hind Express(HWH-PUNE)Starts21:50
12151Lokmanyatilak T to Howrah Jn SAMARSATA EXP(LTT-HWH)08.25Ends
12152Howrah Jn to Lokmanyatilak T SAMARSATA EXP(HWH-LTT)Starts21.15
12175Howrah Junction to Gwalior Chambal Exp(HWH-GWL)Starts17:45
12176Gwalior to Howrah Junction Chambal Express(GWL-HWH)06:45Ends
12177Howrah Junction to Mathura Junction Chambal Exp(HWH-MTJ)Starts17:45
12178Mathura Junction to Howrah Junction Chambal Express(MTJ-HWH)06:45Ends
12221Pune Junction to Howrah Junction Pune- Howrah AC Duronto Express(PUNE-HWH)19:40Ends
12222Howrah Junction to Pune Junction Howrah- Pune AC Duronto Express(HWH-PUNE)Starts08:20
12245Howrah Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Howrah-Yesvantpur Duronto Express(HWH-YPR)Starts11:00
12246Yesvantpur Junction to Howrah Junction Yesvantpur-Howrah Duronto Express(YPR-HWH)16:10Ends
12249Howrah Junction» to New Delhi Howrah - New Delhi Yuva Express(HWH-NDLS)Starts18:40
12250New Delhi to Howrah Junction Ndls Hwh Yuva(NDLS-HWH)12:35Ends
12253Yesvantpur Junction to Bhagalpur Junction Anga SF Express(YPR-BGP)22:2523:00
12261Mumbai CST to Howrah Junction Mumbai CST - Howrah AC Duronto Express(CSTM-HWH)19:40Ends
12262Howrah Junction to Mumbai CST Howrah-Mumbai CST AC Duronto Express(HWH-CSTM)Starts08;20
12273Howrah Junction to New Delhi Howrah - New Delhi Duronto Express (HWH-NDLS)Starts12:50
12274New Delhi to Howrah Junction Hwh Duronto Exp(NDLS-HWH)06:00Ends
12301Howrah Junction to New Delhi Kolkata Rajdhni(HWH-NDLS)Starts16:55
12302New Delhi to Howrah Junction Kolkata Rjdhni(NDLS-HWH)09:55Ends
12303Howrah Junction to New Delhi Poorva Express(HWH-NDLS)Starts08:05
12304New Delhi to Howrah Junction Poorva Express(NDLS-HWH)16:55Ends
12305Howrah Junction to New Delhi Kolkata Rjdhni(HWH-NDLS)Starts14:05
12306New Delhi to Howrah Junction Kolkata Rjdhni(NDLS-HWH)12:35Ends
12307Howrah Junction to Jodhpur Junction Howrah - Jodhpur SF Express (PT)(HWH-JU)First23.40
12308Jodhpur Jn to Howrah Jn Jodhpur-Howrah SF Express (PT)(JU-HWH)04:00Ends
12311Howrah Junction to Kalka Hwh Dli Klk Mai(HWH-KLK)Starts19:40
12312Kalka to Howrah Junction Kalka Mail(KLK-HWH)07:55Ends
12321Howrah Jn to Mumbai Cst Hwh Mumbai Mail(HWH-CSTM)Starts22.00
12322Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn Kolkata Mail(CSTM-HWH)11.45Ends
12323Howrah Junction to New Delhi Howrah - New Delhi Bi-weekly SF Express (PT)(HWH-NDLS)Starts18:50
12324New Delhi to Howrah Junction Ndls Hwh Expres(NDLS-HWH)06:00Ends
12327Howrah Junction to Dehradun Upasana Express(HWH-DDN)Starts13:10
12328Dehradun to Howrah Junction Upasana Express(DDN-HWH)03:15Ends
12331Howrah Junction to Jammu Tawi Himgiri SF Express(HWH-JAT)Starts23:55
12332Jammu Tawi to Howrah Junction Himgiri Express(JAT-HWH)11:30Ends
12333Howrah Junction to Allahabad City Vibhuti Express(HWH-ALY)Starts20:00
12334Allahabad City to Howrah Junction Vibhuti Express(ALY-HWH)07:30Ends
12353Howrah Junction to Lal Kuan Junction Howrah - Lal Kuan Weekly SF Express(HWH-LKU)Starts08:15
12354Lal Kuan to Howrah Junction Lku Hwh Exp(LKU-HWH)18:55Ends
12369Howrah Junction to Haridwar Junction Kumbha Express(HWH-HW)Starts13:10
12370Haridwar Junction to Howrah Junction Hw Hwh S F Exp(HW-HWH)03:15Ends
12371Howrah Junction to Jaisalmer Hwh Jsm Exp(HWH-JSM)Starts08:15
12371Howrah Junction to Jaisalmer Hwh Jsm Exp(HWH-JSM)11:0911:10
12372Jaisalmer to Howrah Junction Jsm Hwh Sf Exp(JSM-HWH)16:30Ends
12381Howrah Junction to New Delhi Poorva Express(HWH-NDLS)Starts08:15
12382New Delhi to Howrah Junction Poorva Express(NDLS-HWH)16:55Ends
12507Trivandrum Central to Guwahati GUWAHATI EXP(TVC-GHY)13.5514.15
12508Guwahati to Trivandrum Central GHY ERS EXPRESS(GHY-TVC)00.4501.05
12509Bangalore Cy Junction to Guwahati Guwahati Express(SBC-GHY)10:5511:15
12509Bangalore Cy Junction to Guwahati Guwahati Express(SBC-GHY)17:1517:30
12510Guwahati to Bangalore Cy Junction Guwahati-Bengaluru SF Express(GHY-SBC)00:4501:05
12513Secunderabad Junction to Guwahati Sc Ghy Express(SC-GHY)10:55 11:55
12515Trivandrum Central to Guwahati GUWAHATI EXP(TVC-GHY)10.5511.15
12516Guwahati to Trivandrum Central GHY TVC EXPRESS(GHY-TVC)00.4501.05
12528Kamakhya Junction to Chennai Central Kamakhya - Chennai Central weekly AC Premium(KYQ-mas)12:2012:40
12572Sai P Nilayam to Howrah Junction Howrah Express(SSPN-HWH)14:50Ends
12573Sainagar Shirdi to Howrah Junction Snsi Hwh Superfast Express(SNSI-HWH)19:30Ends
12663Howrah Junction to Tiruchchirapali Hwh Tpj Express(HWH-TPJ)Starts16:10
12665Howrah Junction to Kanyakumari Kannyakumari Express(HWH-CAPE)Starts16:10
12666Kanniyakumari to Howrah Junction Kanyakumari-Howrah Weekly Express(CAPE-HWH)03:20Ends
12703Howrah Junction to Secunderabad Junction Falaknuma SF Express (PT)(HWH-SC)Starts07:25
12704Secunderabad Junction to Howrah Junction Falaknuma Express(SC-HWH)17:45 Ends
12809Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn HOWRAH MAIL(-HWH)05.50Ends
12810Howrah Junction to Mumbai CST Howrah - Mumbai Mail (via Nagpur) (PT)(HWH-CSTM)Starts20.15
12833Ahmedabad Junction to Howrah Junction Howrah Express(ADI-HWH)13:30Ends
12834Howrah Junction to Ahmedabad Junction Hwh Adi Express(HWH-ADI)Starts23:55
12838Puri to Howrah Junction Puri - Howrah SF Express(PURI-HWH)04:50Ends
12839Howrah Junction to Chennai Central Howrah - Chennai Mail (PT)(HWH-MAS)Starts23:45
12840Chennai Central to Howrah Junction Chennai - Howrah Mail(MAS-HWH)04:10Ends
12841Howrah Junction to Chennai Central Coromandal Express(HWH-MAS)Starts14:50
12842Chennai Central to Howrah Junction Coromandel Express(MAS-HWH)11:50Ends
12859Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn GITANJALI EXP(-HWH)12.30Ends
12860Howrah Jn to Mumbai Cst GITANJALI EXP(HWH-)Starts13.50
12863Howrah Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Howrah - Yesvantpur SF Express(HWH-YPR)Starts20:35
12864Yesvantpur Junction to Howrah Junction Yesvantpur - Howrah SF Express (YPR-HWH)06:10Ends
12867Howrah Junction to Puducherry Hwh Pdy Express(HWH-PDY)Starts23:30
12868Puducherry to Howrah Junction Puducherry-Howrah (Aurobindo) Express(PDY-HWH)22:25End
12869Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn Mumbai CST - Howrah Weekly SF Express(CSTM-HWH)19.30Ends
12870Howrah Jn to Mumbai Cst HWH CSTM EXPRES(HWH-)Starts14.35
12871Howrah Junction to Titlagarh Junction Ispat Express(HWH-TIG)Starts06:55
12872Titlagarh Junction to Howrah Junction ISPAT EXPRESS(TIG-HWH)18:50End
12887Howrah Junction to Puri Howrah-Puri Weekly SF Express(HWH-PURI)Starts20:55
12905Porbandar to Howrah Junction Porbandar-Howrah SF Express(PBR-HWH)03:35Ends
12906Howrah Junction to Porbandar Howrah-Porbandar SF Express (PT)(HWH-PBR)Starts22:50
12937Gandhidham Jn to Howrah Junction Garbha Express(GIMB-HWH)13:05Ends
12938Howrah Jn to Gandhidham Bg Garbha Express(HWH-GIMB)Starts23:00
12965Khajuraho to Udaipur City Khajuraho - Udaipur City Express(KURJ-UDZ)Starts16:10
13005Amritsar Jn to Laksar Jn Amritsar Mail(ASR-LRJ)First19.10
13006Amritsar Jn to Laksar Jn Asr Hwh Mail(ASR-LRJ)07.20Last
13007Howrah Jn to 09.35 U Abhatoofan Ex(HWH-SGNR)Starts09:35
13008Shri Ganganagar to 21.00 U A Toofan Exp(SGNR-KLK)19:2000:00
13009Howrah Junction to Kotdwara Doon Express(HWH-KTW)Starts20:30
13010Dehradun to Howrah Junction Doon Express(DDN-HWH)06:55Ends
13011Howrah Junction to Malda Town Howrah - Malda Town Intercity Express(HWH-MLDT)Starts15:25
13019Howrah Junction to Kathgodam Bagh Express(HWH-KGM)Starts21:45
13020Kathgodam to Howrah Junction Bagh Express(KGM-HWH)12:40Ends
13021Howrah Junction to Raxaul Junction Mithila Express(HWH-RXL)Starts15:45
13022Raxaul Junction to Howrah Junction Mithila Express(RXL-HWH)04:00Ends
13023Howrah Junction to Gaya Junction Howrah - Gaya Express(HWH-GAYA)19:5119:51
13025Howrah Junction to Bhopal Junction Hwh Bpl Express(HWH-BPL)Starts13:25
13026Bhopal Junction to Howrah Junction Bhopal - Howrah Weekly Express(BPL-HWH)15:00Ends
13049Howrah Jn to Amritsar Amritsar Exp(HWH-ASR)Starts13.50
13050Amritsar Jn to Shiupur Asr Hwh Express(ASR-SOP)15.45Last
13071Howrah Junction to Jamalpur Junction Howrah - Jamalpur Super Express(HWH-JMP)Starts21:35
13465Howrah Junction to Malda Town Malda Town InterCity Express (HWH-MLDT)Starts15:15
13466Malda Town to Howrah Junction Malda Town-Howrah InterCity Express (via (MLDT -HWH)12:50End
15227Yesvantpur Junction to Muzaffarpur Junction Yesvantpur-Muzaffarpur Weekly Express(YPR-MEP)13:5514:25
15228Muzaffarpur Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Muzaffarpur-Yesvantpur Weekly Express(MFP-YPR)22:5523:15
15611Lokmanyatilak T to Kamakhya Jn KARMABHOOMI EXP(LTT-KYQ)21.3021.55
15721Digha Flag Station to New Jalpaiguri Junction Paharia Express(DGHA-NJP)21:0521:55
15722New Jalpaiguri Junction to Digha Flag Station Paharia Express(NJP-DGHA)07:2007:50
15901Bangalore Cy Junction to Dibrugarh Dibrugarh Express(SBC-DBRG)13:5514:25
15902Dibrugarh to Bangalore Cy Junction Dbrg Sbc Express(DBRG-SBC)00:4501:05
15959Howrah Junctio to Dibrugarh Kamrup Express(hwh-dbrg)Starts17:35
18005 to (-)Starts21:30
18006Jagdalpur to Howrah Junction KORAPUT HWH EXP(JDB-HWH)06:25Ends
18047Howrah Junction to Vasco Da Gama Amaravati Express (PT)(HWH-VSG)Starts23:30
18048Vasco-da-Gama to Howrah Junction Amaravati Express(VSG-HWH)22:25Ends
18645Howrah Junction to Hyderabad Decan East Coast Express(HWH-HYB)Starts11:45
18646Hyderabad Decan to Howrah Junction East Coast Express(HYB-HWH)16:15Ends
19306Howrah Junction to indore Junction Bg Shipra Express(HWH-INDB)Starts17:45
22308Bikaner Jn to 18.45 Bkn Hwh Supfast(BKN-HWH)04:00Ends
22310New Jalpaiguri Junction to Howrah Junction New Jalpaiguri - Howrah AC Express(NGP-HWH)27:50Ends
22511Lokmanyatilak T to Kamakhya Karmabhoomi Express(LTT-KYQ)21:3021:35
22512Kamakhya Jn to Lokmanyatilak T KARMABHOOMI EXP(KYQ-LTT)14.1014.35
22512Kamakhya Jn to Lokmanyatilak T KARMABHOOMI EXP(KYQ-LTT)14:10 14:35
22817Howrah Junction to Mysore Junction Howrah-Mysore Weekly SF Express (PT)(HWH-MYS)Starts16:10
22818Mysore Junction to Howrah Junction Mysore-Howrah Weekly SF Express(MYS-HWH) 14:50Ends
22831Howrah Junction to Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam Howrah-Sri Satya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam SF Express(HWH-SSPN)Start15:35
22832Sai P Nilayam to Howrah Junction Howrah Express(SSPN-HWH)14:50Ends
22863Howrah Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Yesvantpur Weekly SF AC Express(HWH-YPR)Starts11:00
22864Yesvantpur Junction to Howrah Junction Yesvantpur - Howrah Weekly AC SF Express(YPR-HWH)16:10Ends
22893Sainagar Shirdi to Howrah Junction Snsi Hwh Superfast Express(SNSI-HWH)19:00Ends
22894Howrah Junction to Sainagar Shirdi Howrah - Sainagar Shirdi SF Express(HWH-SNSI )Starts14:35
22905Okha to Howrah Junction Okha Howrah Link Express(OKHA-HWH)03:35Ends
22911Indore Jn Bg to Howrah Jn Shipra Express(INDB-HWH)06.45Ends
22912Howrah Jn to Indore Jn Bg Shipra Exp(HWH-INDB)Starts17.45
23010Kotdwara to Howrah Junction Doon Exxpress(KTW-HWH)06:55Ends
53003 to (-)Starts21:25
53049Howrah Junction to Mokama Junction Howrah-Mokama Jn Passenger(HWH-MKA)Starts23:10
58011 to (-)Starts23:05
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