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Trains Passing through LUCKNOW CITY
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
15007Manduadih to Lucknow Ne Muv Ljn Express(MUV-LJN)05:1605:18
15008Lucknow Ne to Manduadih Ljn Muv Exp(LJN-MUV)23:1923:21
15203Barauni Junction to Lucknow Ne Bju Ljn Exp(BJU-LJN)12:3312:34
15204Lucknow Ne to Barauni Junction Ljn Bju Express(LJN-BJU)15:1415:16
18191Chhapra to Farrukhabad Utsarg Exp(CPR-FBD)06:5606:58
18192Farrukhabad to Chhapra Utsarg Exp(FBD-CPR)19:1019:12
19037Bandra Terminus to Gorakhpur Junction Avadh Express(BDTS-GKP)07:1407:16
19038Gorakhpur Jn to Bandra Terminus Avadh Express(GKP-BDTS)19:2819:30
19039Bandra Terminus to Muzaffarpur Jn Avadh Express(BDTS-MFP)07:1407:16
19040Muzaffarpur Jn to Bandra Terminus Avadh Express(MFP-BDTS)19:2919:30
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Online food delivery in train
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