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Trains Passing through MYSORE JN
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
11035Dadar to Mysore Jn SHARAVATHI EXP(-MYS)21.40Ends
11036Mysore Jn to Dadar SHARAVATI EXP(MYS-)Starts06.30
12577Darbhanga Junction to Mysore Junction Bagmati Express(DBG-MYS)23:35Ends
12578Mysore Jn to Darbhanga Jn Bagmati Express(MYS-DBG)Starts07.20
12781Mysore Junction to H Nizamuddin Swarna Jayanthi(MYS-NZM)Starts20:10
12782H Nizamuddin to Mysore Junction Swarna Jayanthi(NZM-MYS)04:55Ends
12975Mysore Jn to Jaipur Jaipur Express(MYS-JP)Starts10.15
12976Jaipur to Mysore Jn Jp Mysore Exp(JP-MYS)16.20Ends
16209Ajmer Jn to Mysore Jn AII MYS EXPRESS(AII-MYS)06.20Ends
16210Mysore Jn to Ajmer Jn AJMER EXPRESS(MYS-AII)Starts18.00
16229Mysuru Junction to Varanasi Junction Mysore - Varanasi Bi-weekly Express(MYS-BSB)Starts07:20
16230Varanasi Junction to Mysore Junction Varanasi - Mysore Bi-Weekly Express(BSB-MYS)03:00Ends
16236Mysuru Junction to Tuticorin Mysore-Tuticorin Express(MYS-TN)Starts17:45
17307Mysuru Junction to Bagalkot Basava Express(MYS -BGK)Starts13:30
17308Bagalkot to Mysuru Junction Basava Express(BGK-MYS)13:50Ends
22817Howrah Junction to Mysore Junction Howrah-Mysore Weekly SF Express (PT)(HWH-MYS)04:15 Ends
22818Mysore Junction to Howrah Junction Mysore-Howrah Weekly SF Express(MYS-HWH)Starts00:30
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Online food delivery in train
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