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Trains Passing through SURENDRANAGAR
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
11087Veraval to Pune Jn VERAVAL PUNE EX(VRL-PUNE)13.3413.36
11088Pune Jn to Veraval PUNE VERAVAL EX(PUNE-VRL)10.1510.17
11463Somnath to Jabalpur Smnh Jbp Expres(SMNH-JBP)15.5515.57
11464Jabalpur to Somnath Jbp Somnath Express(JBP-SMNH)10.2810.30
11465Somnath to Jabalpur Smnh Jbp Expres(SMNH-JBP)15.5515.57
11466Jabalpur to Somnath Jbp Somnath Express(JBP-SMNH)10.2810.30
12475Hapa to Jammu Tawi Hapa Jat Expres(HAPA-JAT)08:3008:32
12476Jammu Tawi to Hapa Sarvodaya Exp(JAT-HAPA)16:5716:59
12477Jamnagar to Jammu Tawi Jam Jat Express(JAM-JAT)08:3008:32
12478Jammu Tawi to Jamnagar Jat Jamnagr Express(JAT-JAM)16:5716:59
12905Porbandar to Howrah Junction Porbandar-Howrah SF Express(PBR-HWH)13:3313:38
15045Gorakhpur Jn to Okha Gkp Okha Expres(GKP-OKHA)20.3220.34
15046Okha to Gorakhpur Jn Gorakhpur Exp(OKHA-GKP)01.5902.01
15635Okha to Guwahati Guwahati Expres(OKHA-GHY)18:0818:10
15636Guwahati to 10.45 Dwarka Express(GHY-OKHA)20:3320:34
15667Gandhidham Jn to 13.15 Kamakhya Express(GIMB-KYQ)18:0818:10
15668Kamakhya Jn to 11.00 Kyq Gimb Expres(KYQ-GIMB)21:5421:55
16333Veraval to Trivandrum Cntl VRL TVC EXPRESS(VRL-TVC)08.3008.32
16334Trivandrum Cntl to Veraval VERAVAL EXPRESS(TVC-VRL)10.0310.05
16337Okha to Ernakulam Jn OKHA ERS EXPRES(OKHA-)08.3008.32
16338Ernakulam Jn to Okha OKHA EXPRESS(-OKHA)10.0310.05
16613Rajkot Jn to Coimbatore Jn COIMBATORE EXP(RJT-CBE)06.5406.56
16614Coimbatore Jn to Rajkot Jn RAJKOT EXPRESS(CBE-RJT)16.4016.41
17017Rajkot Jn to Secunderabad Jn RJT SC EXPRESS(RJT-SC)06.5406.56
17018Secunderabad Jn to Rajkot Jn RAJKOT EXPRESS(SC-RJT)16.4016.41
18402Okha to Puri OKHA PURI EXP(OKHA-PURI)14.2814.30
19201Secunderabad Jn to Porbandar SC-PBR Weekly Express(SC-PBR)16.4016.41
19202Porbandar to Secunderabad Jn PBR SC EXPRESS(PBR-SC)06.5406.56
19261Kochuveli to Porbandar PORBANDAR EXPRESS(KCVL-PBR)03.1703.20
19262Porbandar to Kochuveli KOCHUVELI EXP(PBR-KCVL)00.1100.13
19263Porbandar to Delhi S Rohilla DELHI SR EXPRES(PBR-DEE)21.2821.30
19264Delhi S Rohilla to Porbandar DEE PORBNDR EXP(DEE-PBR)05.3105.33
19269Porbandar to Muzaffarpur Jn Pbr Motihari Ex(PBR-MFP)21.2821.30
19270Muzaffarpur Jn to Porbandar Pbr Express(MFP-PBR)10.1610.17
19452Gandhidham Bg to Bandra Terminus Bandra T Express(GIMB-BDTS)11:24 11:26
19565Okha to Dehradun Uttaranchal Exp(OKHA-DDN)14.2814.30
19566Dehradun to Okha Uttaranchal Express(DDN-OKHA)08.3008.32
19569Okha to 13.45 Okha Bsb Expres(OKHA-BSB)20:3520:37
19570Varanasi Jn to Okha Bsb Okha Express(BSB-OKHA)01:2402:16
19573Okha to Jaipur Junction Okha Jaipur Weekly Express(OKHA-JP)01.5902.01
19574Jaipur Jn to Okha JP OKHA EXP(JP-OKHA)05.3105.33
19575Okha to Nathdwara Okha - Nathdwara Express(OKHA-NDT)14:3014:35
19577Tirunelveli to Hapa HAPA EXPRESS(TEN-HAPA)03.4203.44
19578Hapa to Tirunelveli HAPA TEN EXPRES(HAPA-TEN)00.1100.13
19579Rajkot Jn to Delhi S Rohilla RJT DEE EXPRESS(RJT-DEE)14.5114.53
19580Delhi S Rohilla to Rajkot Jn Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Rajkot Weekly Express(DEE-RJT)08.3208.35
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