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Trains Passing through TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
12075Kozhikode to Trivandrum Cntl JAN SHATABDI(-)20.55Ends
12076Trivandrum Cntl to Kozhikode JAN SHATABDI(-)Starts06.00
12081Kannur to Trivandrum Cntl JAN SHATABDI(-)13.45Ends
12082Trivandrum Cntl to Kannur JAN SHATABDI(-)Starts14.20
12431Trivandrum Cntl to H Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp(TVC-NZM)Starts19.15
12432H Nizamuddin to Trivandrum Cntl Trivndrm Rjdhni(NZM-TVC)09.15Ends
12507Trivandrum Central to Guwahati GUWAHATI EXP(TVC-GHY)Starts17.00
12508Guwahati to Trivandrum Central GHY ERS EXPRESS(GHY-TVC)22.30Ends
12511Gorakhpur Jn to Trivandrum Central Rapti Sagar Exp(GKP-TVC)17.30Ends
12512Trivandrum Central to Gorakhpur Jn Raptisagar Exp(TVC-GKP)Starts06.15
12515Trivandrum Central to Guwahati GUWAHATI EXP(TVC-GHY)Starts12.50
12516Guwahati to Trivandrum Central GHY TVC EXPRESS(GHY-TVC)22.30Ends
12623Chennai Central to Trivandrum Central TRIVANDRUM MAIL(MAS-TVC)11.25Ends
12624Trivandrum Cntl to Chennai Central CHENNAI MAIL(-MAS)Starts14.30
12625Trivandrum Cntl to New Delhi Kerala Express(TVC-NDLS)Starts11.15
12626New Delhi to Trivandrum Central Kerala Express(NDLS-TVC)14.35Ends
12643Trivandrum Cntl to H Nizamuddin Nizamuddin Exp(TVC-NZM)Starts14.45
12644H Nizamuddin to Trivandrum Cntl Swarna Jayanti(NZM-TVC)11.05Ends
12659Nagercoil Jn to Shalimar GURUDEV EXPRESS(NCJ-SHM)15.5016.00
12660Shalimar to Nagercoil Jn GURUDEV EXPRESS(SHM-NCJ)20.1520.25
12695Chennai Central to Trivandrum Cntl TRIVANDRUM EXP(MAS-)07.35Ends
12696Trivandrum Cntl to Chennai Central TVC CHENNAI EXP(-MAS)Starts17.20
12697Chennai Central to Trivandrum Cntl TRIVANDRUM EXP(MAS-)06.35Ends
12698Trivandrum Cntl to Chennai Central TVC CHENNAI EXP(-MAS)Starts20.20
15905Kanyakumari to Dibrugarh DBRG VIVEK EXP(-DBRG)16.5016.55
15906Dibrugarh to Kanniyakumari VIVEK EXPRESS(DBRG-CAPE)07.0507.15
16127Chennai Egmore to Guruvayur MS GURUVAYUR EX(MS-GUV)23.3023.40
16128Guruvayur to Chennai Egmore Guruvayur-Chennai Egmore Express(GUV-MS)03.4003.45
16301Shoranur Jn to Trivandrum Central VENAD EXPRESS(SRR-TVC)22.10Ends
16302Trivandrum Central to Shoranur Jn VENAD EXPRESS(TVC-SRR)Starts05.00
16323Trivandrum Cntl to Shalimar Shalimar Express(TVC-SHM)Starts16:35
16325Indore Jn Bg to Trivandrum Cntl Ahilyanagari Ex(INDB-TVC)17.30Ends
16326Trivandrum Central to Indore Jn Ahilyanagari Ex(TVC-INDB)Starts06.15
16327Korba to Trivandrum Central KRBA TVC EXPRES(KRBA-TVC)17.30Ends
16328Trivandrum Central to Korba KORBA EXPRESS(TVC-KRBA)Starts05.45
16331Mumbai Cst to Trivandrum Cntl TRIVANDRAM EXP(-)03.10Ends
16332Trivandrum Cntl to Mumbai Cst MUMBAI EXPRESS(-)Starts04.30
16333Veraval to Trivandrum Cntl VRL TVC EXPRESS(VRL-TVC)05.30Ends
16334Trivandrum Cntl to Veraval VERAVAL EXPRESS(TVC-VRL)Starts15.35
16335Gandhidham Bg to Nagercoil Jn NAGERCOIL EXP(-NCJ)05.2005.25
16336Nagercoil Jn to Gandhidham Bg GANDHIDHAM EXP(NCJ-)15.3015.35
16343Trivandrum Cntl to Palghat Town AMRITHA EXPRESS(-PGTN)Starts22.30
16344Palghat Town to Trivandrum Cntl AMRITHA EXPRESS(PGTN-)06.25Ends
16345Lokmanyatilak T to Trivandrum Cntl NETRAVATI EXP(LTT-)19.25Ends
16346Trivandrum Cntl to Lokmanyatilak T NETRAVATHI EXP(-LTT)Starts09.50
16347Trivandrum Cntl to Mangalore Cntl MANGALORE EXP(-)Starts20.40
16348Mangalore Cntl to Trivandrum Cntl TRIVANDRUM EXP(-)04.45Ends
16349Trivandrum Central to Nilambur Road RAJYA RANI EXP(TVC-NIL)Starts22.30
16350Nilambur Road to Trivandrum Central RAJYA RANI EXP(NIL-TVC)06.25Ends
16381Mumbai Cst to Kanyakumari KANYAKUMARI EXP(-)09.3009.35
16382Kanyakumari to Mumbai Cst CAPE MUMBAI EXPRESS(CAPE-CSTM)07.5508.05
16525Kanyakumari to Bangalore Cy Jn BANGALORE EXP(-)12.5013.00
16526Bangalore Cy Jn to Kanyakumari KANYAKUMARI EXP(-)15.3515.45
16603Mangalore Cntl to Trivandrum Cntl MAVELI EXPRESS(-)07.05Ends
16604Trivandrum Cntl to Mangalore Cntl MAVELI EXPRESS(-)Starts19.30
16605Mangalore Cntl to Nagercoil Jn ERNAD EXPRESS(-NCJ)21.0521.15
16606Nagercoil Jn to Mangalore Cntl ERNAD EXPRESS(NCJ-MAQ)03.4003.50
16629Trivandrum Cntl to Mangalore Cntl MALABAR EXP(-)Starts18.30
16630Mangalore Cntl to Trivandrum Cntl MALABAR EXPRESS(-)09.00Ends
16649Mangalore Cntl to Nagercoil Jn PARASURAM EXP(-NCJ)18.2518.35
16650Nagercoil Jn to Mangalore Cntl PARASURAM EXP(NCJ-)06.1506.25
17229Trivandrum Cntl to Hyderabad Decan SABARI EXPRESS(-HYB)Starts07.15
17230Hyderabad Decan to Trivandrum Cntl SABARI EXP(HYB-)18.55Ends
19577Tirunelveli to Hapa HAPA EXPRESS(TEN-HAPA)10.5010.55
19578Hapa to Tirunelveli HAPA TEN EXPRES(HAPA-TEN)19.0019.05
22619Bilaspur Jn to Tirunelveli BSP TEN EXPRESS(BSP-TEN)01.3001.35
22620Tirunelveli to Bilaspur Jn TEN BILASPUR EX(TEN-BSP)04.2504.30
22633Trivandrum Cntl to H Nizamuddin NIZAMUDDIN EXP(TVC-NZM)Starts14.30
22634H Nizamuddin to Trivandrum Cntl NZM TVC SF EXP(NZM-TVC)05.30Ends
22641Trivandrum Cntl to Shalimar Shalimar Express(TVC-SHM)Starts17:00
22642Shalimar to Trivandrum Cntl Shm Tvc Superfast Express(SHM-TVC)20:45Ends
22645Indore Jn to Trivandrum Central AHILYANAGARI EX(INDB-TVC)17.30Ends
22646Trivandrum Central to Indore Jn AHILYANAGARI EX(TVC-INDB)Starts06.15
22647Korba to Trivandrum Central KRBA TVC EXPRES(KRBA-TVC)17.30Ends
22648Trivandrum Central to Korba KORBA EXPRESS(TVC-KRBA)Starts05.45
22653Thiruvananthapuram Central to Hazrat Nizamuddin Trivandrum Central - Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Express via Kottayam(TVC-NZM)Starts00:30
22654Hazrat Nizamuddin to Thiruvananthapuram Central Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin - Trivandrum Central Express via Kottayam(NZM-TVC)15:15Ends
22655Thiruvananthapuram Central to Hazrat Nizamuddin Trivandrum - H. Nizamuddin Express(TVC-NZM)Starts01:00
22656Hazrat Nizamuddin to Thiruvananthapuram Central H. Nizamuddin - Trivandrum Express (NZM -TVC)15:15Ends
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